Farm land required for metal detecting

Farm land required for metal detecting

We are seeking land to help raise money for Air Ambulance.

metal detecting land required for fund raising for Air Ambulance

In order to raise money permission is required by the land owner for the group to hold a dig. the dig is only open to a private group of detectorists that are respectful and have strict rules of conduct.

We know require land in Gloucestershire, monmouthshire, wye valley, and cotswolds.

The organiser has raised over £40000 for the Air ambulance to date and the amount rises weekly. This is early 2019.

if you feel you could offer land to help raise money then please call me on 07400663463. or email me

We would require a minimum of 50 acres per visit. preferably a larger amount to hold 2 day weekend dig.

The air ambulance have saved lots of lives and survive on donations.

We hope you can hlp us support this wonderful service by provided the land to use for metal detecting.

Further to this the are often finds that will be above £500 which will be split with the land owner.

Treasure trove rules apply and  any find that is to be treasure trove will be split with the farmer/land owner.

You never know what lies below.


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