Covid19 update January 29th 2021

As we are all aware Covid19 has had a detrimental effect on all of us in one way or another.

We are back working and are providing domestic customers with our services.

With the majority of the retail sector closed we are still offering commercial cleans if you still require them.

Working safely during this time and keeping a distance.

This year we have had to change many factors of the business and are Now taking on new domestic customers. We hope you will join our regular window cleaning round and help us continue in business.

We are happy to provide window cleaning in the areas we cover and should your neighbours, family or friends require a window cleaner then please contact us.

As we progress through 2021 with luck this virus is controlled by the vaccination program and we can rid ourselves of its horrid effects to the human race.

As we move into Spring just remember our gutter cleaning and unblocking services will become busier and booking a gutter clean in early is best. By contacting us today you can pre-book this service and avoid any disappointment.

covid19 update Stay safe

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