Softwash Render Cleaning

Before and after softwash by Rclean

Render clean

Softwash Render cleaning is a way to refresh a property and improve how it looks.

What can be softwashed you ask, well nearly anything can be cleaned using this method.

We find the best way to clean and then apply this to clean to your requirements.

This maybe a softwash using low pressure to clean an area, applying a chemical solution that is mixed and applied to treat the area. we use the term soft washing as its not a high pressure clean, we do offer high pressure cleaning of driveways ect so don’t worry we have that covered to.

Softer approach and why

Rather than applying high pressure to blast away the dirt and algae we treat is softly.

A low pressure pump allows us to cover the affected areas and kill the organic growths.

Treating walls and paths are the main areas we softwash and the treatment can be near instant or progressive.

The speed in which the product works depends on the type of softwashing chemical used.

We can discuss your needs and your expectations and bring to you the clean required.

“Let us Render it clean”

I have used this tagline for many years as to render something clean is the job we do.

Render is a term for many things and one of which is the surface of a building, the render, it also a term to finish something.

Rendering of a building, rendering of a video edit and so on.

This is why we have used the tagline for many years.

We hope you “Let us Render it Clean”

We softwash

Lets see what can be cleaned:-

  • K-rend or otherĀ  brands of exterior finish.
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Paving slabs
  • Brick work
  • Pebble dashing
  • Many other surfaces
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